Thursday, August 9, 2012

Men. . You cant live With or Without!

I have always been partial on writing my thoughts and my views on self and women, Men are an important concept too in Life.

I wont go on the version of Feminist and claim how women are better than Men, I feel its beyond that. Every men who walks into our life is always characterized in a relationship but the one who passes through each phase of being a Friend, Mentor, Adviser, Lover, Husband is the one who surpasses all, especially if he doesn't let go off his previous roles in life.

Thanks to the so called Modernization you get to make Male friends easily, No strings attached but just available at each other's convenience. Irrespective of how we claim to be independent, you will always find peace while you are next to the man you love, the rest of the world blends into the background. Men do not become important only when they are Lovers or Husbands, they gain the most prominent position as a Friend, but in the rush of responsibilities and commitments the essence is lost.

The advantage of having a Man as your best Friend, they can understand better when you break up, listen patiently as they dont understand women to advise them, and when busy they are blunt enough to give you a frank opinion and blame it on slip of tongue.They can never make you feel conscious about your weight, they dont give a damn themselves! They console all the time to say things will get better or instead give dumb enough examples to show how blessed you are instead of X Y Z and best of all they don't go through PMS There are several disadvantages where the misunderstandings creep in but you can always getaway saying  ''Its one of those days" and they wouldnt argue.

The best part when that friend is the one you love, you wouldnt need any more shoulders to cry on. No relationship comes with a Guarantee of eternity and you should never expect it to be. If all things were meant to stay permanently you wouldn't have enjoyed life anyways.

Men are always the counter part, hence they say they Complete you. Any man for that matter is possessive given any role of life, be it a Father, Brother, Lover, Husband or Friend. They always want to be protective irrespective of how Freedom loving they portray themselves to the world. You just cant live without them! The more you know them, the more you Love them!