Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fair - Well!

Quitting your first Job can be as tedious as it is when you break up with your 1st Boyfriend/Girlfriend! (I don’t have an experience in the latter one though)

My 1st Job began with an expectation to soothe my Hyper Energy on spending my Dad's and Boyfriend's money! The moment my HR asked me, "What’s your expectation", I replied bluntly "Give me 20!". On being questioned, I said I need that Magical figure to go ahead and marry. He laughed! That’s how my journey began as a Mktg Executive.

All seemed to be interesting, within a week I had allowed the BIG GUYS IN MGMT to regret on my decision of taking up this Job. I couldn’t figure out if I belonged to the industry of Salon! I loved dressing up but selling the concept of Feeling Great or Good! Then realized its part of the job! Ignore it Girl (I formulated it after 6 months)

It was like "Devil wears Prada" scenario, minus the Devil! With a Happy Go Lucky Manager, I thoroughly enjoyed the luxuries which comes along with the Marketing profile. Visiting places like UB City and Central for meetings, every alternate day meeting Great Guys of well known Brands, what else could a girl ask for?

Hustle Bustle during the weekends, running around for execution of activities, banners, ads, sms.what not! My weekends never belonged to me, it was meant for those Managers who called me and said "The Standees are not standing!". Ya dude, I'll come and hold it up for u??(Mann ki awaaz).

Being patient is what the job taught me. 70% of the calls were with issues for which I did not have an answer, cant say that to the caller, so go ahead give a logical reason why I need to get back later with the solution.(I managed it all time).

Rapport, THE MANTRA, BLUNDER is what I say. Its difficult to pretend to have  rapport with colleagues(But few manage it effortlessly). But my company allowed me to build a rapport with everyone. Loved it, I knew everyone personally.(Exceptions are always there) But who cares, you love them and they make you feel important!(Just like the 1st love)

For a Freak like me, the company was served on a golden platter! I was blessed with a Qrtrly party at office where I used to get completely sloshed!!(Thanks to my then Boyfriend who religiously dropped me home Safely!) We believed, WORK HARD, PARTY HARDER!!

Got Money, Fame and the Limelight I always look for in the Company. 300 people know who I AM! Pride, Honor, Dignity, Promotion, Recognition..Granted in 1 Go!
 Life moves on, People move on. I was also not spared of the Farewell Parties..few with Joy few with Sorrow and regret! I always wondered WHY, WHY a FUSS on quitting a job??? MOVE ON! Said Easy than Done. I had seen my Husband in a dilemma when he moved out of his 1st Job (Will miss IT stuff!) I wondered if I will ever consider it emotionally.

As we mature in life, we tend to grow greedy. "doorada betta nunnage". Look for greener pastures, similar to "Who moved my cheese", difference:  My cheese wasn’t moved, my eyesight failed to see it!

20 months journey began as Mktg Executive, moved on to be an Asst Mktg Manager to Business Manager : Beautiful. I always wanted to exit when I am in the peak of my career, people will remember for your Rise and not a Downfall (I had seen few).

Right time, Right place, Right date. Doesn’t matter, what matters is you LEAVE IMPRESSIONS! I did it! I will miss what I received for 20 Months. But I am sure I will cherish them too :)