Tuesday, November 24, 2015

NRI..The Non-Repairable Indians

Hello there! Its about to be an year I moved to Dublin and fall into the category of so called NRI.

The other day someone asked me how can I be an NRI if its just been a year, they had assumed that an NRI would be someone who has gained the citizenship of other country! Thank god its not right and I still have a long way to go for it.

Let me tell you that as a kid I though the best part of NRI would be the access to different chocolates you would have. The moment I hit puberty, the bubble burst and I wished to never leave my country. It was time when girls were getting married and I was being nudged to find a suitor who qualifies as Software Engineer (The trend then). People were excited when cousins and distant relatives found suitors who were software engineers because they were prospective NRI relatives in the making.

Fortunately I did get married to a software engineer who has no ideas in pipeline to be an NRI! I was more than happy. A tad bit irritated every time someone asked if we are pursuing the companies which would give us the opportunity. We often discussed why all the fuss?

However as the world conspires into something you are not yet ready, we had to move to Dublin. The number of congratulations couldn't compete with the advises that followed. However everyone presented a rosy picture of moving abroad. The quality of life, quality of food and the impact on one's kids' upbringing!

I was more nervous than ever, other than giving up a career there were many things I wasn't prepared for. As feared I did not enjoy moving! Everything had to be learnt, many things had to be let go.

What irks me is a forward which went around, on how much you are being paid for each profession
in other countries compared to India. What they forgot is, I would pay 200 times the price for few stuff like coriander, I would end up paying 2000Rs for a one way cab ride to work, I pay Starbucks coffee rate at a coffee machine at work. I would pay my Indian annual salary for a month's rent to stay in 2 bedroom house. Or every doctor visit I would be paying 3000Rs for consultation

Few examples for those who assumed being paid in Dollars or Euros is a cake walk for leading a comfortable life or going on exotic family vacations or parents assuming the kids earns in foriegn currency so they can never have any concern on spending few lakhs every visit.

However there are few things you appreciate in moving away from India. The appreciation for small things in life, thankful for all those friends who did hang out with you every week back in India, the time you get to spend with your family without worrying about the traffic. (P.S applicable to the place I live), the nature which always surpises you with its beauty with every changing season.

The ultimate goal has to be making the best of what you have and where you live. Appreciate what the country has to offer in terms of living, because few countries might even restrict you on living at your terms.