Thursday, November 18, 2010

Human Trafficking..An insight!

Human Trafficking is defined as illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor: a modern-day form of slaveryIs it stoppable? In the current scenario definitely NOT!

Human Trafficking...The words create jitters amongst us!
It reminds of the Red light areas which we have heard of, else the prostitutes which we would have observed on a road(In places like Bangalore)
I always wondered whether the victims of Human Trafficking resisted it till the end or succumbed to the scenarios and accepted their fate. I recently came across the video(link has been shared) which triggered this topic in my mind again!

I wouldn't like to comment on this topic globally, but definitely on the local scenario. I have observed the prostitutes who stand near Manipal centre everyday. They are all dressed up and have a pimp at the end of the road negotiating on their behalf. Agreed, that they do this for living, but not justified. I have nothing against prostitution unless it is a forced one! Every human being has a right to choose their way of life, be it earning by selling Knowledge or Flesh! But it should not be forced. I see the pimps negotiating for the prostitutes(or for their share), is it required? There was a time, when fingers were pointed whether prostitution should be legalized? Few countries have already legalized it, but is it feasible in India?, where even the Politicians will have their share in it (When it is termed as   ESCORTS instead of prostitutes).

I believe if its legalized, the WOMEN will have rights to CHOOSE the men they want to be with and get paid for and not forced to be with any Tom Dick & Harry the pimp decides to.
I am not for Prostitution, but definitely a believer that every one has a Right to choose their way of life!
Trading of human beings for slavery is very evident in the city we live! Everyday the newspaper is filled with the abuse done on young girls who have been brought out of village for the sole purpose of slavery! What do we do as a citizen? Read it as a gossip and move on!
There are times when I see young girls/boys begging on the streets and I do shoo them away, but there are also a victim of Human Trafficking. They are being forced to beg and report the income for the day to their Boss probably. Once when my senses were awakened, I demanded a young boy the reason for begging and he chose to ignore my question, instead continued pleading for money! It was an evidence to what extent they are trained to shut their thoughts on being provoked by outsiders. 

This post will not ensure that I go ahead and join an NGO and start working towards it, but will ensure that I do not encourage it and will not ignore when there is an opportunity to rescue the people in need.

Until next time!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To Eat or not to Eat?

Food - Definitely an ingredient to boost up the adrenaline rush in your body! The title says it all, but wanted to share my views on it!

This post is dedicated to all my friends who had failed attempts in dieting. I recently tried GM Diet which promises to result in shedding 5-6 kilos in a week!!! I truly appreciate the "Idea" behind it, detoxifying the body. But hey, have those people heard about "Dominos, Taco Bell, BBQ Nation"? 1 visit to any of these places and they will never ever diet! At least I cant.

I love food, especially if served with Onions and Capsicum. Coming to the topic - Onions, people says it is a natural aphrodisiac. I am hot here to justify it, but instead to claim that there are certain food that does provide and adrenaline rush, need not be sexually but definitely brings you out of the blues!

  • Whenever I am depressed I walk straight to the fridge, grab a chocolate and eat until my taste buds stop responding(Cadbury Shots are my fav for such occasion).
  • When I am happy, I would love to grab the cheesy, messy fried stuff to celebrate.
  • When I am not well, fever cold irrespective of the disorder, Ice Cream help.

All the above options does have an affect on our body(Physically for sure, due to calories you put on, mentally: for the hormones ignited). I dont know how many will actually agree that few smells and taste does have an affect on your behaviour with the opposite sex.The smell of the Cigar, the smell of the wine, the taste of chocolate?? And for few, definitely the perfumes and deos!

On talking about gaining weight, how can I not mention the oodles of weight you put on after wedding, the love handles, the extra pound seen on the cheeks. Who knows it better than me, where people comment "Gosh, whats wrong with you?. Join a gym lady". Well for all those people, Mind your business. I love being plump, sign of prosperity. Get married and then challenge me!

So guys, gaining weight is an integral part of aging, accept it!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gone are the days...

Title is inspired by an e-mail sent by a Friend.

I spend half of my day being nostalgic, cant help when life has given such memorable moments in the past. Though I have spoke so much about my love in one of the previous post, there are still some instances which fill me with ecstasy, and makes me wonder "How come I never noticed them before?".

Work, home and of course add to it, the pet at home keeps me so occupied that in my free time I think,
  • Gone are those days where you had all the time to dress up for a date (Now you end up half a day searching for the dress that hides your flab, rest everything neglected)
  • Gone are those days when you spent 90% of your talk time on calling and messaging your boyfriend(Now you crib to your husband to recharge/pay the bill)
  • Gone are those days when you lied flawlessly to your parents while being caught(Now they don't need your answers)
  • Gone are those days when you could lie down on your grandma's lap and kept your mind blank(Now there are hundred thought about husbands and office which haunts you)
  • Gone are those days when religiously you visited parlours to be in the good books of your Boyfriend(Now husband reminds you to visit)
  • Gone are those days where you had think twice to go out with friends with empty pocket(Now the friends are too busy to even take treats from your hefty salary)
Miss them :(. But love these moments which keeps me alive even today!