Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Change...A necessary Evil

Too many things that currently occupy my mind. I would still regard them as pleasant, I am the one who believes everything happens for a reason and the reason is always good!

Being married at 23 (22 in my Husband's case), A mother at 26, I dont think I have dreaded the Major changes of life. I infact embrace them with love and affection and cherish every small thing thrown at me.

Boredom is a part and parcel of every life, no matter what you do how you do, you cannot escape it. That is when you start craving for the adventure, its like that Bunty Babli film climax, you cannot be happy when everything is perfect and in its place, you need Chaos, need the uncertainties and the surprises life throws at you. When you have the typical routine life and you can have a day with closed eyes with no changes in the events, you would jump at a given opportunity. The thrill of living life on a edge has its own charms.

The Major 30 syndrome hasn't hit me yet (I am hoping it doesn't ;) ), nevertheless I am actually gearing up for the opportunity to knock for a major change. The joy of 360 degree change in life in terms of career, personal life or change of city also gives you a new perspective of life to look forward for.

I wonder when people answer my question of "Hows life?" with "Oh its the regular routine, nothing new!" That is something I fear. The routine, the comfort level which you wouldn't want to let go off. The day I feel I am way too comfortable to adopt a change is the day I would need to retire. The best and the worst of life happens when you are young, the rest can wait when you need the stick to walk around.

The anticipation of a dramatic change gives that adrenaline rush required to live!

Cheers to Life!