Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life.. Always has a new beginning!

It looks like I took a break from everything along with career few months back and then when people started asking about your blog you realize you have missed writing and penning down your thoughts.

Its true when someone said, Maturity doesnt come with age, in that case I should have matured long back! These 7 months of pregnancy I have started seeing life ina different perspective, lets say boredom and being jobless have contributed to the process big time.

I have my friends who are married now, few discussing relationships, few throwing surprises with their relationships. The bottom line still remains how selfish each one of us are. Every stage we have view to put across which says 'I FEEL'.  Infact I have come across people who change opinions faster than chameleon!! Currently I can think of different people about whom I randomly ponder my thoughts over their actions and try justifying their actions rather than being judgemental.

I can recollect when one of my bestie asked, 'You sure you are ready for a kid?' and for a moment I dint know what preparedness it required? She answered it by giving me the budget of upbringing and schools which still gives me nightmares. What effected and stayed with me was the thought about being matured to take care of a kid. Well my mom was 17 when I was born, not that she even knew the Childbirth process and avoided toilet with the fear of baby falling out!! For that matter, I am still proud of the way she brought me up.

I personally believe, life is not all about planning a phase, its just living a part. Yesterday I played the role of a girl friend, today a wife tomorrow a Mother. None of them were planned. Each part has its pros and cons, being a woman, you always highlight the things or routines you have given up to play the part. But at a given point every woman proves she played her best!

Currently when you are all excited about being a Mother, the reality kicks in that its just not a new possession you can flaunt, or a new member with whom you hangout, instead a responsibility that will cling to you forever and will look upto you. Not that I can take a break from it nor divorce or return it! When reality hits it hits big, but I am sure eventually as every woman I will play the best of my part. Yes, I still believe motherhood is the part which I dreamt of when I was 13, I have looked after every cousin from their cerelac days to their homework days and cant wait to have a kid finally. Best part I dont have to return the kid to their parents room after I put it to sleep which I disliked the most while looking after other's babies. 100 Days to go for it and I cheer the fact every time my baby kicks and makes me feel its presence inside me :)