Sunday, March 1, 2015

#52WOG ~ Gratitude to 3 people

This week it's about showing gratitude to 3 people. So let's begin the list: 

1. Maternal Grandpa: I have been seeing him in dreams for days now. The picture of him lying on bed with holes across his body to keep his cancer driven brains working over shadowed with the images of the Strict grandpa who drived me crazy. I can't thank him enough for being the person I was most cared of, or the person I loved the most! He brought me up with the most traditional values of love, relations and believing in fairy tales for life. He is the one who let me believe to be swept off my feet by a prince riding a horse & I was but in a black hero puch. He woke me at 6am sharp, water 10000 plant pots, boil the water for bathing with the fire logs and yet pray to God for being given things to live. I am just thankful to him for me the person I am, for I still believe in Happy Endings and there is more to life than just cribbing. 

2. BFF ~ Ashi! She doesn't read my blogs, but I am grateful for her existence in my life. 25yrs and still counting, takes all my rants, listens to every stupid deed of my life and yet makes me feel special and always ends the conversation with 'I am proud of you'. (P.S that leaves me content and smiling). We are definitely not the ones who talk everyday, but when we do talk we know the person's state with just the way they greet. The emotions we share are expressed in the words we choose to type in whatsapp rather than the emojis. That's how well we know each other. I am blessed to have you Ashima & yes I am proud of you more than you are of me.

3. Bee!!!! The universally known bee. We met through twitter and have long forgotten the conventional ways of meeting friends for life. I am not complaining, I crib to her everyday, I fight with her every week and yet we make up with just a liner. She is my walking talking black book.. My secrets, my dreams, my fears are etched in her ears because that's how much I chatter when I get the chance. 1000miles apart I can still drop everything in hand when I know she needs me and I am sure she will too. Thanks for being there through thicks thins and even those void moments. I love you and yes I love you more than you love me.