Saturday, January 29, 2011

Will You Be My Valentine?

FEBRUARY ------ Love in the air, town is painted in Red, Mushy romantic music playing in IPODs and hello tunes, Archies gallery filled with people buying gifts, Women cant stop shopping for Red Clothes and Men cant stop worrying about the Highly priced Red Roses which they HAVE TO BUY!

I am sure no one would have escaped the Love Bug in their life...irrespective of their age! Even if I forgot my best friend's birthday many times, but I never forget to shop for Valentines Day. 

Feb 14th always triggers the memories, the time in school where my friends & I peeped through the classroom window to guess the couples in school, the exchange of glances, the shyness and blushing of cheeks, crossing of fingers to find your Mr Perfect on Feb 14th.The most memorable valentines day during my school days was a day where I had got an opportunity to click a photograph of my fav couple..I cherish that day till date!!
When it was time for my 1st valentines day,I realised I had learnt nothing by watching people in love, I proved myslef an idiot by not even giving a return gift! Valentines month is of spending endless hours in deciding a gift, having endless discussions with friends on options to gift, make suggestive moves to hint your boyfriend on what you expecting!

It sure will be not right if I don't mention my best Valentine's Day, where I did not even meet my Valentine but instead received a surprise gift in the form of a Yummmm Pastry filled with only Cherries, door delivered by a Best Friend..what could have I asked for more? The virtual celebrations are always the most memorable ones, especially when its just the feeling of being in love which matters than the physical distance!

Thanks to movies of Yash Raj, which makes you fall in love with the color of Red during Valentine, you cant stop noticing Red Balloons decorating the cafes and gift shops, the tempting invitations at the shopping malls to shop for the best gift, dedicating love songs at Malls & Fair, the sinful Chocolates & expectations being high of not getting dumped or rejected on Valentines Day(Which can be a nightmare!) keep trying your luck by ensuring you bump into your crush on every Valentine's Day until he/she proposes you!

So guys & girls wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day and all the best to all the daredevils who have decided to be daring enough to propose this Valentines Day...Spread the joy of LOVE!!