Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Warning : This post has got nothing to do with Any Coffee Menus!!

As the new year sets to begin, I wondered what New Year got to do with resolutions only and not confessions?
Every New Year's Eve I spend my day in wondering how I faired this year?Was it even worth recollecting the fights and kisses I made with Friends and Family? Not to forget the unavoidable enemies I made on the way! All the hangovers I had to deal with, the lies I told to please someone, The innumerable frantic calls made to friends at the time of depressions..just to name a few! So every year its the same routine but still as a Optimist we rigorously plan to welcome the New Year with a Bash..after all who knows if we will be alive by the end of next year!

I recently read an article in Bangalore Mirror which quoted few people on whether to Party Or Not! Amongst all of them, there was 1 person who gave a Gyan with bulleted points on the reasons for not partying. Everything was fine, except 1 point which said "Girls drinking and falling IN Roads Is this our culture?" Lol! So our culture is to have men getting drunk and falling IN roads and gutter? Some people just cant digest Equality!(Yes, I bet few Guys will stand up and remind me about the injustice women do in terms of Equality & Rights)

I am a women who respect my traditions and culture, but I demand my space. I am not the one who drinks and parties on the day when a family member dies or when the Nation is mourning due to terrorist's attack but definitely during the time when I am proudly happy with myself! Celebration means different to different people. Celebrations may even mean visiting an Orphanage during birthday(Which most of my Friends do and I don't!).So why bother??

I am not targeting the person who quoted on our Culture expectations but all those who are keen and intrigued by what others are upto! Even my dog has its culture of doing its potty outside the house everyday and I respect it!

Cheers to another year!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Human Trafficking..An insight!

Human Trafficking is defined as illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor: a modern-day form of slaveryIs it stoppable? In the current scenario definitely NOT!

Human Trafficking...The words create jitters amongst us!
It reminds of the Red light areas which we have heard of, else the prostitutes which we would have observed on a road(In places like Bangalore)
I always wondered whether the victims of Human Trafficking resisted it till the end or succumbed to the scenarios and accepted their fate. I recently came across the video(link has been shared) which triggered this topic in my mind again!

I wouldn't like to comment on this topic globally, but definitely on the local scenario. I have observed the prostitutes who stand near Manipal centre everyday. They are all dressed up and have a pimp at the end of the road negotiating on their behalf. Agreed, that they do this for living, but not justified. I have nothing against prostitution unless it is a forced one! Every human being has a right to choose their way of life, be it earning by selling Knowledge or Flesh! But it should not be forced. I see the pimps negotiating for the prostitutes(or for their share), is it required? There was a time, when fingers were pointed whether prostitution should be legalized? Few countries have already legalized it, but is it feasible in India?, where even the Politicians will have their share in it (When it is termed as   ESCORTS instead of prostitutes).

I believe if its legalized, the WOMEN will have rights to CHOOSE the men they want to be with and get paid for and not forced to be with any Tom Dick & Harry the pimp decides to.
I am not for Prostitution, but definitely a believer that every one has a Right to choose their way of life!
Trading of human beings for slavery is very evident in the city we live! Everyday the newspaper is filled with the abuse done on young girls who have been brought out of village for the sole purpose of slavery! What do we do as a citizen? Read it as a gossip and move on!
There are times when I see young girls/boys begging on the streets and I do shoo them away, but there are also a victim of Human Trafficking. They are being forced to beg and report the income for the day to their Boss probably. Once when my senses were awakened, I demanded a young boy the reason for begging and he chose to ignore my question, instead continued pleading for money! It was an evidence to what extent they are trained to shut their thoughts on being provoked by outsiders. 

This post will not ensure that I go ahead and join an NGO and start working towards it, but will ensure that I do not encourage it and will not ignore when there is an opportunity to rescue the people in need.

Until next time!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To Eat or not to Eat?

Food - Definitely an ingredient to boost up the adrenaline rush in your body! The title says it all, but wanted to share my views on it!

This post is dedicated to all my friends who had failed attempts in dieting. I recently tried GM Diet which promises to result in shedding 5-6 kilos in a week!!! I truly appreciate the "Idea" behind it, detoxifying the body. But hey, have those people heard about "Dominos, Taco Bell, BBQ Nation"? 1 visit to any of these places and they will never ever diet! At least I cant.

I love food, especially if served with Onions and Capsicum. Coming to the topic - Onions, people says it is a natural aphrodisiac. I am hot here to justify it, but instead to claim that there are certain food that does provide and adrenaline rush, need not be sexually but definitely brings you out of the blues!

  • Whenever I am depressed I walk straight to the fridge, grab a chocolate and eat until my taste buds stop responding(Cadbury Shots are my fav for such occasion).
  • When I am happy, I would love to grab the cheesy, messy fried stuff to celebrate.
  • When I am not well, fever cold irrespective of the disorder, Ice Cream help.

All the above options does have an affect on our body(Physically for sure, due to calories you put on, mentally: for the hormones ignited). I dont know how many will actually agree that few smells and taste does have an affect on your behaviour with the opposite sex.The smell of the Cigar, the smell of the wine, the taste of chocolate?? And for few, definitely the perfumes and deos!

On talking about gaining weight, how can I not mention the oodles of weight you put on after wedding, the love handles, the extra pound seen on the cheeks. Who knows it better than me, where people comment "Gosh, whats wrong with you?. Join a gym lady". Well for all those people, Mind your business. I love being plump, sign of prosperity. Get married and then challenge me!

So guys, gaining weight is an integral part of aging, accept it!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gone are the days...

Title is inspired by an e-mail sent by a Friend.

I spend half of my day being nostalgic, cant help when life has given such memorable moments in the past. Though I have spoke so much about my love in one of the previous post, there are still some instances which fill me with ecstasy, and makes me wonder "How come I never noticed them before?".

Work, home and of course add to it, the pet at home keeps me so occupied that in my free time I think,
  • Gone are those days where you had all the time to dress up for a date (Now you end up half a day searching for the dress that hides your flab, rest everything neglected)
  • Gone are those days when you spent 90% of your talk time on calling and messaging your boyfriend(Now you crib to your husband to recharge/pay the bill)
  • Gone are those days when you lied flawlessly to your parents while being caught(Now they don't need your answers)
  • Gone are those days when you could lie down on your grandma's lap and kept your mind blank(Now there are hundred thought about husbands and office which haunts you)
  • Gone are those days when religiously you visited parlours to be in the good books of your Boyfriend(Now husband reminds you to visit)
  • Gone are those days where you had think twice to go out with friends with empty pocket(Now the friends are too busy to even take treats from your hefty salary)
Miss them :(. But love these moments which keeps me alive even today!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fair - Well!

Quitting your first Job can be as tedious as it is when you break up with your 1st Boyfriend/Girlfriend! (I don’t have an experience in the latter one though)

My 1st Job began with an expectation to soothe my Hyper Energy on spending my Dad's and Boyfriend's money! The moment my HR asked me, "What’s your expectation", I replied bluntly "Give me 20!". On being questioned, I said I need that Magical figure to go ahead and marry. He laughed! That’s how my journey began as a Mktg Executive.

All seemed to be interesting, within a week I had allowed the BIG GUYS IN MGMT to regret on my decision of taking up this Job. I couldn’t figure out if I belonged to the industry of Salon! I loved dressing up but selling the concept of Feeling Great or Good! Then realized its part of the job! Ignore it Girl (I formulated it after 6 months)

It was like "Devil wears Prada" scenario, minus the Devil! With a Happy Go Lucky Manager, I thoroughly enjoyed the luxuries which comes along with the Marketing profile. Visiting places like UB City and Central for meetings, every alternate day meeting Great Guys of well known Brands, what else could a girl ask for?

Hustle Bustle during the weekends, running around for execution of activities, banners, ads, sms.what not! My weekends never belonged to me, it was meant for those Managers who called me and said "The Standees are not standing!". Ya dude, I'll come and hold it up for u??(Mann ki awaaz).

Being patient is what the job taught me. 70% of the calls were with issues for which I did not have an answer, cant say that to the caller, so go ahead give a logical reason why I need to get back later with the solution.(I managed it all time).

Rapport, THE MANTRA, BLUNDER is what I say. Its difficult to pretend to have  rapport with colleagues(But few manage it effortlessly). But my company allowed me to build a rapport with everyone. Loved it, I knew everyone personally.(Exceptions are always there) But who cares, you love them and they make you feel important!(Just like the 1st love)

For a Freak like me, the company was served on a golden platter! I was blessed with a Qrtrly party at office where I used to get completely sloshed!!(Thanks to my then Boyfriend who religiously dropped me home Safely!) We believed, WORK HARD, PARTY HARDER!!

Got Money, Fame and the Limelight I always look for in the Company. 300 people know who I AM! Pride, Honor, Dignity, Promotion, Recognition..Granted in 1 Go!
 Life moves on, People move on. I was also not spared of the Farewell Parties..few with Joy few with Sorrow and regret! I always wondered WHY, WHY a FUSS on quitting a job??? MOVE ON! Said Easy than Done. I had seen my Husband in a dilemma when he moved out of his 1st Job (Will miss IT stuff!) I wondered if I will ever consider it emotionally.

As we mature in life, we tend to grow greedy. "doorada betta nunnage". Look for greener pastures, similar to "Who moved my cheese", difference:  My cheese wasn’t moved, my eyesight failed to see it!

20 months journey began as Mktg Executive, moved on to be an Asst Mktg Manager to Business Manager : Beautiful. I always wanted to exit when I am in the peak of my career, people will remember for your Rise and not a Downfall (I had seen few).

Right time, Right place, Right date. Doesn’t matter, what matters is you LEAVE IMPRESSIONS! I did it! I will miss what I received for 20 Months. But I am sure I will cherish them too :)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TV9 - Easy to preach difficult to practice

Just couldn't stop myself from sharing this incident. TV9 which broadcasts the sting operation they conduct on exposing the Politicians, Governments and Con men, well that is the image they project.

This incident took place Yesterday where I had a tough time taming the Staff of TV9 at their Langford office, right opp to Hockey Stadium. Till date I always wondered, how does TV9 manages to juice up the news to broadcasts?? The recent incident just added fuel to my outbursts against TV9 and the hype they give to the news!

TV9 conveniently park their so called "Press" cabs opposite to their office which is meant for 2 Wheeler parking strictly. They park around 4-5 cabs in a line, without their owners/drivers within the vicinity! I do understand that it is common for all of us to do so once in a while, but there is an etiquette to be followed by addressing the grievance caused to the public by your company!

Probably TV9 does not understand the basic social etiquette. I waited for half an hour near their cabs hoping for their employee/driver to address my problem. It was their cab which was blocking my way to pull out my scooty form the parking lot. Finally when few of their employees were boarding one of the cabs, I politely asked them, Can I contact someone to remove this cab? He directed me to talk to the security.

I directly walked to him and said "Bhaiyya kisi ko bolaoge ye gaadi nikaalne ke liye, aise parking karenge tho kaise chalega" for which his ego was hurt and he bluntly replied "App aise baat nahi kar sakthe. Hume nahi patha". I asked the phone number of the office, the number which always was received and disconnected immediately! And when I gave the feedback on the number, the security lost his cool(God knows for what reason) and said "Aap ko jo karna hai, kar lijiye, hum kuch nahi lar sakthe". By which time I had started clicking the snaps of the vehicle and the office. In the meanwhile one of the Cab driver ran and moved the vehicle in the front and profusely asked me to drop the matter then & there.

The conclusion is, people respond to you only if you make a nuisance in the public. Cant a citizen be polite to get his/her work done? Is it not necessary that the corporate promotes its values among every level of hierarchy?Only so called Press can have Right to freedom and violate the Right to freedom of speech of common citizens? Why is it that we always have to take the Help of "Press" word to get attention to our grievances?

Until next time!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love Actually....

Its been a while since I started all over again on my prem kahani, however I still wish to pen it and publish the same some day. So all you guys who know will know the story below, memories are always cherished better when they are documented.

"Ek Ladki thi deewani se, ek ladke pe woh marthi thi", very filmi but every girl dreams of having a love which resembles Yash Chopra movies for sure. I too dreamt, day and night, comparing every guy in the school and judging his qualities against the mushy romantic bollywood heroes. I even had a number of crushes, for a sole reason that either their hairstyle/life style/dressing sense/bike/accent matched one of the heroes. For example, a guy in 7th had Akshay Kumar looks so he was flirt worthy(Not that I flirted with him!!), a guy in High School resembled Vivan Bhatia and another one he wore glasses which Hrithik wore in Kaho naa pyar hai! But above a best friend is someone who you always look out for, So I too had one during my school days, I idolised him during 5th and 6th. Slowly the adolescence takes over and you start evaluating every guy you come across. I was no different.

On Jun 10thy '99, My first day in High School. All set, excited and as usual for the lazy bum I was, I entered the Auditorium half an hour late!! I peeped inside hoping for the teachers to be empathetic and not throw me out the first day! My stupid boy cut hairstyle, unable to sort the tie(Which was compulsory :( ), I finally gained an entry with a sorry face. The usual divide and rule policy started with classes being divided according to Height and marks!(I still don't understand why do they do they that???)

New school, new friends, new faces..I had so much to look forward for. Everyday I got ready to School with great enthu. Then came the Talent Day, juniors demonstrating their talent for the approval of Seniors. My School had Junior Senior concept which probably exists predominantly during college. Allz well that ends well, I enjoyed my performance and the little repercussions and ragging with So-Called-Know-All Senior. Then entered a friend, who still remains to be special. Ms N, I will never forget how beautiful she was.(She still is, but not the same innocence). So she was my confider in school, gossipping, taunting and of course cycle mate!!

Among all the hassles of juggling between classes and cultural, there were Guys of course to discuss! The love birds among the seniors, their rumours, their breakups. Midst all this there were my rumours too. But I still waited for my Mr Perfect.

In 2000-01, I come across a guy, my classmate. I always referred to him as a guy who helps me with his watch during my exams. I always used to turn to him and ask, "how many mins left?", and he would just say the time and not utter a word. I realised he was my classmate only after a yr! He was one among them who bullied around the weaks and entertained himself and the class. He was know for his rude taunts(Tats what I and friend N perceived him!!) When I realised that he claimed to be in love with me, I presumed it to be another infatuation. But he was different, he never approached me, neither sang about it, but just ensured he was there where I am. Be it School Band/ Group. Too much of co-incidence. To top it he always got into these stupid fights with my best friend for a silliest reason possible. She hated him, I followed her.

Then one of our common Friend Mr A, persuaded me to talk to him. He praised his honesty. So there began my 1st conversation. On Aug 8th He approached me after the school with a friendship band in his hand and a cute pink wall hanging which said "Friendship is the sweetest joy of life". I liked him. He insisted on tying the band, i refused!. Next day I returned the band denying his friendship(Consequence of late night thinking). The next day I saw a rebellious guy who loathe being in my presence!! I will never forget the way he had slammed the door on my face!!

Few days later I saw the same guy helping an old man with his wheelchair on the road, i could picture him as a he man with his Trailblazer in one hand and the wheelchair in another hand :) I wanted to shout to him, tell him how much appreciated his act. Instead I just chose to follow him, I cant believe I stalked a guy!! Next day, I finally made an attempt to walk to him and apologise for what had been done. He was too sweet to be angry6 and instantly started sharing stories of his doggy! I realised he was not bad after all ;). Then started the typical moments of life, where you eagerly wait for reasons to cross each other, steal a glance in class, wait for the friends to leave so you have the time just for each other. He presented me with a unique gift, E-mail ID which said "Star_15", on being asked the reason he politely replied that he saw me as a Beautiful Star. Bowled!!! The Internet saga then continued where we sent each other long mails(At least each mail of 2000-3000 words) with all the animations possible!

There were times when we used to sit in the same cyber cafe chatting with each other on different comps!(Afraid of being caught) So the classes were meant to steal glances, after school the walk we used to talk for 2 kms while pushing our cycle up the hill. Evenings were meant to be spent at Cyber Cafe(No calls, no sms) So technically my 12 hrs were spent with this guy whom I referred to as "Friend". Being aware of his intentions when he wrote his mails by signing off "Yours & only yours", my every reply used to being with "You're not mine!" and end with "Just Friends" Amidst these developments there was my Friend S, who believed in preaching Philosophy to us. She always reminded me to be cautious and always advised to stay away from discussion which hurts one's emotions!

Gradually we moved out of School, my so called friendship with guy had grown to be a possessive relationship.As fate guided us to study in different colleges we ensured we could catch up with each in a common Tuition class. Initial days of college were meant to Hangout with Friends, exploring the city in which you grew up for 16yrs. One sudden day during my usual confession time with Ms A, I realised I had begin to get possessive about this guy's every act(Inc whom he spoke to and what he spoke). "A" just asked me a question "Why does it bother to you?. You are just his friend!" Next day I went to a phone booth, dialled his number and said "Promise me you will not question what I say in next few mins neither will you ask me to repeat it", he said "Yes, go ahead. What is it". With his friends in the background playing carom, i said "I love you". Voila! I never realised the effect of it until I said it. Why did I say it? Just becoz I was possessive? Just bcoz he went to a movie with a girl next to him who resembled a Skeleton?? The same day in the evening I wait for the Tuition class to get over so that I could hear his reply
(Yep, after I proposed I never waited for his reply on call!) We met near a playground where he handed me a red rose and said "I love you", the next moment he was gone with his Hero Puch. I stood there staring at the rose "Gosh! Was he blushing or am I imagining???" We celebrated with our first movie together "Saathiya" my first movie experience where we both dint know on How to hold hands!!! It is this movie which inspired me to be "Runaway Bride"(Which dint come through though!)

His love showed in his every action. I was the princess he was my prince charming. To prove that, he even went ahead and fought with my college guys. I still get the goosebumps thinking of the day where he bought his friends with the Hockey Stick, Bat and cycle chain. The moment he walked into my college meant for the Geeks & Nerds, I realised it was time to let parents involve. That when I spoke about this guy to my father, introducing his as the sole reason why my college was ready to part with me by giving me the TC. Dad loved his act!(My whole family is a little Filmy!)

The next two yrs was a period of Puppy love. Bunking classes, long rides on bike, sharing Ice-creams and chocolates, endless conversations. 22nd September, the day where I stood against my principles and allowed the the guy to sweep me off my feet! It was Magical! I realised what they meant when they said you see stars!! I saw them too :) We ate together, we studied together, I dint realise it was time to choose a career. I still feel alive, the way I used to get ready for a ride in his bike at 4:30 am! In fact we had a pact that everyday at 9:00 p.m we would come out of our house and watch this Orion constellation, it meant we were together although not physically but our souls yes!

 During graduation I took a firm stand that He was made for me! Later on introduced to the concept of mobile phones, late night chat, smses. Truly a gifted concept. For 2 years my parents never realised we were in the same college for Graduation(He studying BE and me stuck with BCA). When they realised, i pleaded them to have my cell phone. It was confiscated! Thousands of taunts, blame game, never ending questions. The more they questioned the more I wanted him! Finally my Dad agreed to meet him(Over a couple of pegs). They hit it off pretty well. Dad was impressed with his capacity to gulp down 6-7 pegs of Whiskey and still being Stable as a gentleman! This became a regular routine.

Time flied, I finished my graduation with a job in between. Took a PG so that I could buy time for him and a time pass for myself. Long distance relationship(150kms) was a refreshing experience. Meeting once a week, had to be satisfied with 4-5hrs meeting per week :(. Technology-Boon in disguise helped us to keep each other company via web cam(Purpose of laptop by college was Project, had not mentioned what type of project!).

The biggest Hurdle was to persuade self and him for an early marriage.(I spoke of wedding since the day I proposed him, we will do this we will do that, still he stood beside me) We had our ups and downs, but decided against the downs! After being together for so long, did the risk matter? Of course not, so here we took the step of introducing our parents!(Avoid it ppl!). We found differences after our parents met..Eye openers. Created an entire drama at the Hotel(Including walking out) to persuade them for wedding! Questions arise: Why? Why now? Why him??? Parents - Critic! More than our relationship, they had to whine about the etiquette of each other! All these did not matter when he bent on his knee and proposed me with a ring :) Love is worth the pain(Including the Headaches you get!!)

9 Months- period between the Ring ceremony and the wedding. Uff..hectic, tiring, and kills you! You realise in the journey of life, you lose some relations to gain new ones. I did too :(. But all I knew was, its worth it! In spite of knowing the person for years, I still developed a cold feet. I have even troubled my Friends at the wee hrs so that they could confirm my act and assure me I was right. Such is the nervousness during wedding!

Here I am with 10 years of relationship with a guy who stands by me as my Husband, the journey from being Friends to Life partners was enduring! I look forward for another 100 years and 6 lives with my love!.

Love is not an act, it is an experience to die for!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bon Voyage!!!

Well this post has nothing to do with Travelling..its just revisiting my "Young Age". It may sound ridiculous to say that I am OLD, but fact remains, at the age of 24 I certainly don't feel the same I used to when I was 16.

This post is dedicated to all my friends, enemies who made my life soooo memorable!!! More than the good times, its just the fun times I remember where I had annoyed someone or someone else had pi**** me off!! For instance I will never forget the day where I was bitching about a girl big time in the girls rest room and she had walked in and stood until I completed it, the other side of the story is that, I had apologised, in fact cried out of shame for my act!!! I will never repeat it.(Means I will never apologise for my acts..fact is fact)

There were times when I had my bestest Friend A to discuss the right Hunk to hang out with..Discussion Time we used to call them, the confessions of crush, confessions of sins..I miss them.The first crush, they way you look out for your crush during the assembly, school functions, sports day! Compare the life to all the romantic mushy movies and living a fairy tale world! I don't know how many of us will agree, but most of us what we are today are the consequences of what our Friends spoke yesterday. At least I agree to it. I have spent more time with Friends than with the family. So I am more influenced by them than the Religious, political, social values/views surrounding me!! The truth and dare games with a Coke bottle, just a way to dig out the secrets which you would have never dared to ask directly!

The gossipping during the lunch hrs discussing Who proposed Whom. We used to eagerly wait for the Valentines day to see the love birds of school and always wished that we get the Mr Right ASAP!!! However we all had our favorite couple in School, I used to adore a couple, but they broke up after school :(, but I will never forget the moment where I had an opportunity to click their snap in Annual day, I was smiling the entire day!The time spent with the most loving people of my life, where I went to them for every small decision I made including I always imagined my Mr Right will come on a white horse to pick me up..Lol..the fact remains that he came on a Black Hero Puch! The annual day function which I always saw as an escape from the boring History classes, which we called the Social Studies. I used to remember the war details using the technique of relating them to Bollywood, be it World War I and relating it to the war between Khans & Roshans! The school days will remain the favorite forever!Annual Day was the most exciting day for the year, the dressing room, the running around soul to get it right, nervousness, knot in the stomach before the speech, cheering the team. It was Hell of a day for everyone! It was more important to be on the Dias for any silly reason possible(To see the smile of parents when we are on the Dias, to see friends cheering us). What a day :)

 I am lucky I got to enjoy the college life thrice thru 12th, Degree and PG. Adolescence! Having a Boy Friend, going places, Bike Rides, First Date, First Love, First Kiss!! Most of the "First" things of life happen at this age. The best part was bunking classes..even if I just had to sit in a petty shop for a chai...anyday preferred over the lecture..all the bakwas movies I watched, including "Rab ne bana di jodi", "Jogi",  but of course there were some mind blowing movies which were made to watch with friends "Boys", "Chak De", loved the way we used to go in huge groups and the whistling, shouting :) Getting up and cracking head on what to wear at least for an Hr. Plan the day ahead in terms of Bunking class and what to do next, Movie? Or Chamundi Hills? Or GS Betta? Or Balmuri? Life at Mysore!

During my graduation in Bangalore, we were 4 of us (V2 S2), with our silliest comments and jokes, irritating the Northies with our slangs, goofing up during exams, joining Call centre for pocket money, last minute preparation for exams thru webcam. I miss them :(, more than that I miss meeting them...with our busy schedules in life these small moments are lost!

And now with the corporate life, I get up in the morning and only think of reasons I can quote to bunk office, "I am not feeling well", "My husband is not well", "My servant dint turn up", there are times when I actually quote that "I am not in mood for the office". But bunking office is not as cool as bunking classes, bcoz after bunking office I don't end loafing around the city, instead I end cleaning up my house, cooking and shouting at my pet and realise "Oh! I should have gone to office, at least I did not have to prepare coffee for myself and bitch about colleagues than cribbing about servant!".

Moving on with life, will miss all my friends who have become a victim of "Brain Drain", wishing them ALL THE BEST!!!

Last but not the least, thanks to Dr Chandana Shekar's blog on Nostalgia revisited which reminded me of the Lost Days!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lagi aaj saawan ki phir woh jhadi hain...

I decided to pen my words on the rain drops of Bangalore the moment I stepped out of my house today. I always refer to drenching in ran as a tribute to Yash Raj films, or probably the Bollywood theme... If you are an ardent fan of Bollywood, most of the cutting edge scenes takes place in the rain..the fights, the break up, the proposals, the kissing sequence too :).

I am a Mysorean at heart, but the career and family vows have tied me down to Bengaluru. I rarely enjoy the climate of Bengaluru and the rain is one such moment. Though there has been cases where the Bangalore rain has left the city havoc, but by God's grace it has not reached to a level of pressing a panic button like in the cases of Mumbai rains. Said and done back to the drizzling, romantic, enduring, nostalgic rain!!!!

Getting drenched in the rain is always fun since childhood days, especially if you have the company of your friends to join you. It was in Bangalore back in 90's when I had actually enjoyed and played in the rain with my cousins. Getting drenched always makes you crave for the garma garam pakodas and bajjis, but I prefer Hot Chocolate or a yummy spice Bhutta, especially when you order the vendor to make it spicy with lots of green chilly masala and lime..yum!!!. I have even enjoyed the most romantic days in the rain on a bike, inspired by RHTDM songs nevertheless thanks to my the then Boyfriend(And present Husband) for his CBZ rides to Srirangapatna near Mysore.

Rainy days are always recommended to rekindle your love and relationship, be it having an Ice cream with your sibling, or a spicy pani puri and bhutta with your friends, cuddling inside the blanket with your favourite novel or just sipping Hot coffee with your family and the best thing is to stand under a tree hand in hand with the love of your life!!

I bet all of us have tried most of the things mentioned above, but personally the rain always makes me go nostalgic, its like being in a trance and love every bit of life, it always brings a smile on my face irrespective of the current happenings of the world, and I just say "Life hai yaar, take it easy"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cuddles...The best decision I have ever made!

My first blog dedicated to Cuddles, a cocker spaniel which turned my world around.

Being in a corporate with a Boss above you and running on a deadline can be stressful, especially when you have just been married to the love of your life. The situation always gives rise to crankiness, I have to accept that I was also an victim of a stressful corporate life handling a promotion and a husband with the demands of running a family! Hectic!

Amidst all this, enters a desire to own a pet, probably to vet your frustration onto it but still which runs back to you to lick your face. After scrutinizing hundreds of varieties(From rottweiler to Chihuahua) and zeroed on a cocker spaniel, for its cuteness(Typical girly aspect) and for its innocence. I had to take permissions around the world to keep a pet, from my husband to my parents. It was more than deciding to start a family!

Bringing up a pet is no less than bringing up a child. From its naming ceremony to its toiletry habits, also not to forget the initial cost you end coughing up. The initial excitement was equivalent to the excitement of a 8 yr old girl who has just been gifted Barbie doll house, a possession acquired. Whole day dedicated in beautiful your possession, to ensure it reflects your taste and attitude. I was no different.

Within a month, when it fell ill, I wanted the decision of owning a pet to be a bad dream, a phase which I wanted to delete from my life. The running around to vet, unable to diagnose the cause, unable to provide the required time and love to your prized possession, made it appear as the sin committed. Back to the frustrated and stressful life. All due to 1 reason - not knowing your pet well. The problem was just an earwax, and a wrong diagnose of an infection.

Still unable to accept an arrival of a member in the family, I had to move on. One night when I was caught up with work and had to report home past midnight, a lonely feeling syndrome haunting all the while I drove home, it was the unwelcoming member of the family who realised my arrival and waited at the door wagging its tail. It jumped and licked me and said 'Welcome Home'. It brought back my smile and peace which I had lost few month back. The dreadful feeling of making a wrong decision of owning the pet had vanished. My prized possession was back in action.

Till date I cherish the decision I made. I look forward to go home to cuddle around with My Cuddles, My Daughter!!!