Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Warning : This post has got nothing to do with Any Coffee Menus!!

As the new year sets to begin, I wondered what New Year got to do with resolutions only and not confessions?
Every New Year's Eve I spend my day in wondering how I faired this year?Was it even worth recollecting the fights and kisses I made with Friends and Family? Not to forget the unavoidable enemies I made on the way! All the hangovers I had to deal with, the lies I told to please someone, The innumerable frantic calls made to friends at the time of depressions..just to name a few! So every year its the same routine but still as a Optimist we rigorously plan to welcome the New Year with a Bash..after all who knows if we will be alive by the end of next year!

I recently read an article in Bangalore Mirror which quoted few people on whether to Party Or Not! Amongst all of them, there was 1 person who gave a Gyan with bulleted points on the reasons for not partying. Everything was fine, except 1 point which said "Girls drinking and falling IN Roads Is this our culture?" Lol! So our culture is to have men getting drunk and falling IN roads and gutter? Some people just cant digest Equality!(Yes, I bet few Guys will stand up and remind me about the injustice women do in terms of Equality & Rights)

I am a women who respect my traditions and culture, but I demand my space. I am not the one who drinks and parties on the day when a family member dies or when the Nation is mourning due to terrorist's attack but definitely during the time when I am proudly happy with myself! Celebration means different to different people. Celebrations may even mean visiting an Orphanage during birthday(Which most of my Friends do and I don't!).So why bother??

I am not targeting the person who quoted on our Culture expectations but all those who are keen and intrigued by what others are upto! Even my dog has its culture of doing its potty outside the house everyday and I respect it!

Cheers to another year!!!