Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Women & their Sex Interpretation!

Back to blogging after a long time..And I am not here to write on sexuality for sure!

For the past few days, I have been interacting with women across the Globe..thanks to the groups and social Media you do not get judged among the like minded people.

A midst the discussion of Sex & Men, there are times when women confess about the Sexual encounters which they go through. Amongst all the experiences, there is always a biased opinion that women always have emotions on priority while they choose to sleep with someone & Men just satisfy their ego. Not necessarily true, but yes as they say "Sex is more physical for Men and More Emotional for women. Just knowing that man wants to have sex with them fulfills the emotional need". I am sure many will revolt against this, but majority will agree. It definitely doesn't mean women cheat on the basis of emotional needs. There is always lust which triggers and then justified by emotions. Women!

But just makes me wonder if Sex has to be mistaken for Love or emotions or is it just the need of the Hour to satisfy oneself physically or mentally, sometimes the act itself is termed as the act of igniting Ego/Pride. Couple of year back I believed it to be a form of love or probably wanted to believe in it forever. Currently its just a part of life, you consume it the way you consume water regularly out of thirst and availability of water.

I am definitely no Sex Expert or Relationship expert, but the changes in my own thought influenced by people around just made me trigger this topic. Forget about Heterosexuality, even the attraction towards the same sex is openly expressed and accepted, for all you know the person might be Straight, the attraction exists. I had even read a bio of a person on twitter which said "For every straight girl there is always a lesbian who wants to do her"

Irrespective of the enormous changes in the meaning, there is always a confusion on what each of us expect out of our actions, be it flirting, fling, love or friendship. They always say you tend to ignore the clues to read between the lines while conversing just because you fear to know which you are not ready to accept.

Being Human is to Err...So we continue with our mistakes, learning and still get up with a new Hope & Plan for a better relationship in life..


  1. Hi, Very deepful thoughts and I do agree that we have to widen our perception of sex and love. Please do visit my blog when you are free.

  2. Good,honest,straight from the heart views on sexuality.Good work Sangeeta maam,keep it up.

    1. Thanks :) . .But I would be glad if you could avoid the Maám part ;)

  3. There is a conventional method of sex (which includes plain lustful actions and getting done with it) just like everything else has conventional patterns.

    And then there is the elite and wonderful way, when both involved make it a memorable experience. Sex is better if you know the person, can indulge and make that person feel the same.

    Nice post, but I would beg to differ :)