Monday, August 23, 2010

Cuddles...The best decision I have ever made!

My first blog dedicated to Cuddles, a cocker spaniel which turned my world around.

Being in a corporate with a Boss above you and running on a deadline can be stressful, especially when you have just been married to the love of your life. The situation always gives rise to crankiness, I have to accept that I was also an victim of a stressful corporate life handling a promotion and a husband with the demands of running a family! Hectic!

Amidst all this, enters a desire to own a pet, probably to vet your frustration onto it but still which runs back to you to lick your face. After scrutinizing hundreds of varieties(From rottweiler to Chihuahua) and zeroed on a cocker spaniel, for its cuteness(Typical girly aspect) and for its innocence. I had to take permissions around the world to keep a pet, from my husband to my parents. It was more than deciding to start a family!

Bringing up a pet is no less than bringing up a child. From its naming ceremony to its toiletry habits, also not to forget the initial cost you end coughing up. The initial excitement was equivalent to the excitement of a 8 yr old girl who has just been gifted Barbie doll house, a possession acquired. Whole day dedicated in beautiful your possession, to ensure it reflects your taste and attitude. I was no different.

Within a month, when it fell ill, I wanted the decision of owning a pet to be a bad dream, a phase which I wanted to delete from my life. The running around to vet, unable to diagnose the cause, unable to provide the required time and love to your prized possession, made it appear as the sin committed. Back to the frustrated and stressful life. All due to 1 reason - not knowing your pet well. The problem was just an earwax, and a wrong diagnose of an infection.

Still unable to accept an arrival of a member in the family, I had to move on. One night when I was caught up with work and had to report home past midnight, a lonely feeling syndrome haunting all the while I drove home, it was the unwelcoming member of the family who realised my arrival and waited at the door wagging its tail. It jumped and licked me and said 'Welcome Home'. It brought back my smile and peace which I had lost few month back. The dreadful feeling of making a wrong decision of owning the pet had vanished. My prized possession was back in action.

Till date I cherish the decision I made. I look forward to go home to cuddle around with My Cuddles, My Daughter!!!


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