Friday, February 17, 2012

Floating Thoughts...

There are many instances which we want to revisit in Life. We do that by recalling memories, the same instances brings smile, tears & a satisfaction over what you have lived.

In the journey of life, you make acquaintances, friendship, relationship, love, commitment & sacrifices, need not be in the same order though. But being an Arian, I always cherish the "Me" time, time with self. Introspection, just to ponder over thoughts which has been disturbing for a while.

I have always been termed as selfish, I accept it with arrogance. Aren't we all the same. We need right people at the right time. I call few when I am low, whom I might never call to share the greatest joy (For joy we just look to the person next to us because no one regrets being a part of it). I do the same.

On every yearly occasion, like New Year, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Anniversary I look back over the past and wonder how I have improved. Have I learnt the lesson of being dependent on people & project myself to be independent enough? Relationships are part of life, few wanted, few unwanted & few categorized under Destiny. For me, every relationship which doesn't exist anymore falls under Destiny & I prefer to move on.

The real & true feelings towards such acquaintances and relationship is weighed during "Me" time, you admit what you wanted & chased & learnt, which you will deny to the world. Ego, pride, status, society everything around influences your acceptance.

Recently experienced the concept of Slytweets..Tweets indirectly pointing at people, knowing the person will read it. Unfortunately have followed the same in real life, with gestures, actions, Fb status updates too. Name changes, the concept still remains the same. The feelings which you could blurt out directly but pride & ego ensures it is spoken through your status updates in social Media. The objective remains the same, you want the targeted person to know what you feel about them.

Irrespective of realizing that few things, people & relationship are not meant in your life, you still shed tears, wonder why it happened in the first place if it was never meant to be? Why know each other when you have to turn strangers? Why crave for 1 moment of joy and ignore the 100 reasons to smile? We all do this, because Life is about Human for us & Human cannot live without expectations, be it even expecting your dog to run to you when you reach home & if doesn't you cant stop wondering why? Signs, intuitions, gut feelings that Something are Right, some induce fear & fright.

Going through such numerous emotions everyday, every hour, we grow up, emotionally mature, learn to let go off certain things, people & relations which are not meant to be, embrace the moments which life throws at you.

"Mann yeh sahib ji, jaane hai sab ji, phir bhi banaye bahaane"


  1. That is true. No matter how much be say to ourselves expectations is not good, but still we expect. Sometimes expectations lead to disappointment too. But we have to learn that our expectations are our creations and focusing on what we need & only that. So we shouldn't blame anyone if they are not fulfilled.

  2. These numerous emotions, happenings, hours, days, weeks and others are what life actually is... Not what we are busy running after :)

    Very well penned...

  3. Very well written.. Very less in these days have guts to accept they are Selfish.. that too with Arrogance.. :-)
    Keep posting..