Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To Eat or not to Eat?

Food - Definitely an ingredient to boost up the adrenaline rush in your body! The title says it all, but wanted to share my views on it!

This post is dedicated to all my friends who had failed attempts in dieting. I recently tried GM Diet which promises to result in shedding 5-6 kilos in a week!!! I truly appreciate the "Idea" behind it, detoxifying the body. But hey, have those people heard about "Dominos, Taco Bell, BBQ Nation"? 1 visit to any of these places and they will never ever diet! At least I cant.

I love food, especially if served with Onions and Capsicum. Coming to the topic - Onions, people says it is a natural aphrodisiac. I am hot here to justify it, but instead to claim that there are certain food that does provide and adrenaline rush, need not be sexually but definitely brings you out of the blues!

  • Whenever I am depressed I walk straight to the fridge, grab a chocolate and eat until my taste buds stop responding(Cadbury Shots are my fav for such occasion).
  • When I am happy, I would love to grab the cheesy, messy fried stuff to celebrate.
  • When I am not well, fever cold irrespective of the disorder, Ice Cream help.

All the above options does have an affect on our body(Physically for sure, due to calories you put on, mentally: for the hormones ignited). I dont know how many will actually agree that few smells and taste does have an affect on your behaviour with the opposite sex.The smell of the Cigar, the smell of the wine, the taste of chocolate?? And for few, definitely the perfumes and deos!

On talking about gaining weight, how can I not mention the oodles of weight you put on after wedding, the love handles, the extra pound seen on the cheeks. Who knows it better than me, where people comment "Gosh, whats wrong with you?. Join a gym lady". Well for all those people, Mind your business. I love being plump, sign of prosperity. Get married and then challenge me!

So guys, gaining weight is an integral part of aging, accept it!



  1. "being plump, sign of properity" ....

    hmmmmm , you seem to be borrowing your mother-in-laws lines ;)

    Totally agree with you on the above topic