Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gone are the days...

Title is inspired by an e-mail sent by a Friend.

I spend half of my day being nostalgic, cant help when life has given such memorable moments in the past. Though I have spoke so much about my love in one of the previous post, there are still some instances which fill me with ecstasy, and makes me wonder "How come I never noticed them before?".

Work, home and of course add to it, the pet at home keeps me so occupied that in my free time I think,
  • Gone are those days where you had all the time to dress up for a date (Now you end up half a day searching for the dress that hides your flab, rest everything neglected)
  • Gone are those days when you spent 90% of your talk time on calling and messaging your boyfriend(Now you crib to your husband to recharge/pay the bill)
  • Gone are those days when you lied flawlessly to your parents while being caught(Now they don't need your answers)
  • Gone are those days when you could lie down on your grandma's lap and kept your mind blank(Now there are hundred thought about husbands and office which haunts you)
  • Gone are those days when religiously you visited parlours to be in the good books of your Boyfriend(Now husband reminds you to visit)
  • Gone are those days where you had think twice to go out with friends with empty pocket(Now the friends are too busy to even take treats from your hefty salary)
Miss them :(. But love these moments which keeps me alive even today!



  1. very thought provoking, but i guess i am loving what we have right now and i don't really need to remember the past that often ....

    BTW, why the plural "husbands" so many times !!!

  2. It refers to "general terminology of Husband", I was not pointing out to you :)