Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mom at Home.. A Thankless Job

I always wondered and envied my Mom being a housewife. Everytime I returned from school, she would be there at home, running around the house with very silly To-Do list ranging from folding clothes to dispersing the vessels for wash.

There were weekends where all of us preferred sitting on a couch with Yummy snacks to be prepared by Mom and fighting with siblings for remote. Its during these days, she found time to complaint to us, she would insist we go out, order food and we greatly disappointed her saying its Sunday, a day to kick our shoes and relax with her Yummy food.

I wondered what made her sad? She had the entire day for herself, after we have left, she had her time to pamper herself, have a quick nap, gossip with neighbours. Instead she cribbed about being a Home-maker which I never understood.

Today I have donned the Role. Women get offended when you call them Housewife, they prefer to be called a Home Maker. It doesn’t matter to me. What matters is, I understand my Mom now better than ever.

While working, I never realized the need to run behind the maid, the minor heart aches when she bunked, the clothes which were due for a wash for more than a week, the tiresome thoughts on inventing dishes to make Home Cooked food interesting, the longing for a slight appreciation for the efforts you put in the kitchen to make the evening worthwhile. Now all these which sound silly enough to crib about is what my Agenda is.

I get up with a little prayer that maid doesn’t bunk, My whole day goes in planning what I need to cook the next meal. Relatives or friewnds bunking at our dwelling, my mind runs on Fast Track mode deciding the menu and checking the ingredients required. In-spite of this, times when you husband turns and ask 'What do you do the entire day?' You are dumbstruck. You cant point out the dusting you did on his computer table, cant notice the towels and napkins you change regularly, the effort of time spent in Kitchen, the time lost while counting the clothes and calculation for the Dhobi, because they all seem minute details which is not explained.

Every time I visit my Mom, I just go and hug her and I am thankful she was there when I got back home after a Bad at school/college. Thanking her that she ran to make Fresh Fruit juice when dad came home after tiring day, she never complained of LOP when she had to take care of us when we fell ill.

Not sure how many have thought about your Mom who has been at home whenever you turn around. If you havent, just pick up your phone, dial your Mom and say she did a great job at which she cant even be promoted, but deserves every appreciation that the Most Hardworking employee deserves. Being a Homemaker is a thankless job..Nothing can cheer it than the love which is given in return!!

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