Friday, January 10, 2014

Why have Babies?

Life is so busy watching my daughter grow, never realized it almost an year !

As you are about to hit 30 in couple of years, your discussion with friends over drinks is always around Marriages, Spouse and Kids. I am no different, just that I am the only one among the closely knit friends group to have a baby early in life (Early definition is before 30 according to them)

I just wait for people to ask me, why have a Baby before 30? I am always ready with a whole explanation! Before you guys assume I am promoting having kids before 30, hold your thoughts!! I am only penning my version of how having a baby changes a couple's life.

Marrying early has its disadvantages, as a couple you still discovering each other, Actions are quicker than thinking. Young, energetic, fun and yes of course the crazy love in the air syndrome. However, having a baby ensures you see the other side of life! You step into your parents'shoes and start understanding them better.

As the angel entered our life from day 1, she did become the apple of our eye. Every thought, decision, discussion was about her. Grocery shopping: which cerelac to order, Mall visits: Where should we shop for her clothes, Movies: Will she be able to sit for 3 hrs? There was hardly any statement made in a day which dint involve her.

The petty fights over cooking, coming home late or not calling often was replaced by being considerate to each other while one looked after the baby. It was more of  "Are you tired? I will look after her, why don't you get some rest? " "Hectic day at work, why not order food, you rest I will place the order" "You look tired, sleep early I will babysit her". The nature of knowing each other better without being vocal about it is what I love of being a parent.

The focus and importance on the baby is overpowering, the petty differences as a couple just vanishes. Any fight irrespective of the issue is resolved with just a Sorry because something more important is awaiting us.Its just not the baby which grows with time, the couple starts growing up too.

Over the year, not even once did I regret having our daughter. Instead there is always a smile by default on my face with her mention. Couldn't have asked for more to make my life complete.