Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Social Media for Social acceptance or Otherwise?

The perspective of being active on Social media is different for each of us, for few it gets their Bread and Butter.

I recently took 8days break from the so called Social Media which includes facebook, whatsapp, twitter and so! And Voila! I loved every bit  of it. Doesnt mean I stopped socializing, I did but not virtually.

I went around with Friends for drinks, had a gala time with colleauges, loved the time spent with Family. I did that before too, but this time I dint have to reply to a tweet before clapping when my daughter danced, or send a heart emoticon for a pic at whatsapp while noticing how my husband needed my approval after he dressed up for a date!

Apart from the real life moments, the social media had taken over my so called Small Joys of life, which included smiling at random kids on road, buying roses for a little girl who pleaded you with a withered rose for 10 bucks or be the interesting conversation with the auto wallah on how stupid everyone on roads are except him. Because during these moments I worried more of people cribbing on twitter, or the silly fwds and quiz on whatsapp.

I am not saying we should let go of every Social Media to enjoy this, but we need to give these so called Social Media app a break to actually socialize. I never thought I would be advising as I couldnt breathe without whatsapp even for a second, if nothing I would browse through whatsaspp status.

I had my own issues to deal of staying away, people assumed they knew my life by reading my updates. The gossip mill and character assassination is common. In the struggle to shut myself out I realized I cherish the life I live whether it goes on social media or not, life is still normal.

I am hooked to Virtual friends however a break from even them is a welcoming change. Miss them? Call them! People love when you call them instead of whatsapping them, you know them better through voice rather than emoticons.

So I am game for it. Probably alternate weeks disconnect with Virtual world, make few calls and actually hear people out rather letting so called Social Media letting you socialize!

Would you try it too?


  1. Or just keep the phone aside when at work, and when spending time with family or friends. That is possible too, to keep social media active yet, give real life time. But at the end of the day, whatever works for each one of us, is fine.
    Me, as long as I keep getting, Sia's pix, you can go off social media as many times as you wish :)

    1. Sammy keeping phone aside work for few, for me it doesnt!I cant stop checking the phone..if no one pings then i check if internet is working or not?:P