Monday, July 7, 2014

Mumbai...The city I fell in love with!

Mumbai...Amchi Mumbai

The name is enough to make my day. It had always been my dream to visit this city one day and I got this opportunity only in 2013. A year back I landed in Mumbai and instantly I fell in love with the city. (P.S It felt that way at the airport and I was yet to step out to the city)

Few places emit this warmth when you land. (Unlike the warmth in Kolkata which is contributed by the temperature), Mumbai was one such place.

I couldn’t wait to explore the city and signed up for Mumbai Darshan the next day. The hustle bustle around you 
captivates you. I love the place when its buzzing with energy, and Mumbai tops the list. The icing on the cake was of course Salman’s residence but the cherry on top was the juhu beach.(Apart from the filth Vs cleanliness which Sea facing people argue, water makes me attain my inner peace).

The beach lets you be the kid again, while you run behind the golas/chuskas which are yumm flavored with Milkmaid. The hot vada pavs, and the buttery pav bhajis, the corn roasted on the charcoal or be the famous Mumbai kulfi wala with the tokri. You would go back to your childhood days of those local melas and the colorful things you get to shop around.

Of course I took the local train to live those #LocalTrainTales and see if women actually go through those entire epicness of conversation which they tweet about. Trust me you wouldnt be disappointed and would conclude that Marathi is well used when you are abusing someone.

Late night was meant to try the Necklace road and zip through those roads taking in everything the city has to offer. The pavement is free to sit down and watch the waves hit the shore and elude you to escape from the realities of life. 
Accompanying you always is the garam garam Channa, roasted peanuts or the tangy mangoes.

You never need a company to enjoy Mumbai, you can run through the flashback and fast forward of phases of life while you sit and watch people on the necklace road.

People of Mumbai never disappoint you. You can always find them full of life and thank your stars for their company (No I am not exaggerating; You have to experience to believe it). They do live their life to the fullest and are always welcoming.

I dont think any other place in the world can give me high the way Mumbai does. I have visited it only twice and the only city which made me give a thought of relocation.

So people who wants to feel the energy, warmth and affectionate in the air, need to visit Mumbai!

This post was actully written as an entry for a Contest happening at  This made me write about Mumbai. I dont think there is any other city which I dream about over and over again.

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