Saturday, January 17, 2015

#52WOG ~ Spouse

It all began the day I said I love you! Very rarely do I get a chance to express my gratitude towards u, I won't let this go. 

We might have been the oddest couple, expecting exactly the opposite in life and yet we have come a long way. 

Through my worst times I have always found you beside me telling me I want to work this out, Everytime I stormed out you did come to me and tell me how much I loved you even though I would be shouting on top of my voice that I hate you, it would leave me devastated to still get your assurance on the relationship after a crisis, but at the same time thankful that you were holding onto it, our relation, our promises. 

I have said this before and I say this again.. There cannot be any other person on this earth who could have been The Man of my life. (P.S I always felt you could have done better, but now it's too late ;) )

All these thoughts rested in my mind but was confirmed the day you held Sia in your arms and took care of her through out. 

Thank you for being you and yes we still have millions of fights to be fought nevertheless to hug each other and let us know this togetherness is forever. 


  1. :) the odd couples are the happiest couples, in my opinion. coz we have to work really hard to be together, we appreciate what we have. and there is always this madness, this rush in such relationships!
    beautifully written, sangee :-*