Tuesday, May 17, 2016

To be a Man for a day!

Its been more than 6 months I logged into this blog. However the title is a wish list I recently added after an outburst on the house chores.

Have you ever wondered why we refer to words like 'Help'  'Supportive' 'Lucky' when a man does the work at home. No I am not referring ti Ki and Ka kind of situation. I am referring to those mundane chores that await at home after a long day at work. Washing utensils, stacking books, making beds, vacuuming home and so on. Yes, there are chores which kicks you into reality when you come home after closing a sales call, or getting that dream promotion you had an eye for, or you are too drunk and invite people top crash at your place.

 The same chores accomplished by a woman never is appreciated, because its routine. THATS WHAT WOMEN DO! Or like my mom says, 'Oh, come on, men already have so much to worry outside the
house, the least you can do is to give him some peace at home'.  I was brought up with this thought etched in my mind by my grandma, looked up to aunts and mom who followed this rule.

Here I stand, married for 7 years to a guy who knows me for 16years now (Thanks to those milestones, he rushes to kitchen doing dishes and starts folding clothes the moment he sees a sign that I will flip any moment).

I wish to be a Man for a day, only so that those overflowing bins don't disturb me while I peel a banana and have no space to throw that peel, those stacked up plates and glasses will not bother if I have to eat food directly from a container, I don't mind sitting on floor to catch the favourite show because the couch is full of clothes that needs to be put away.

I cannot fathom how all the above mess doesn't bother them. You could still catch a glimpse of happiness while they sit and catch up with friends gossiping on a girl who would have innocently liked a guy's post analysing how sexy she has turned out after all these years, while a woman would be cursing to have neglected the simple decor of the house!

No! Taking her out for dinners or weekends, ordering food is not giving her a break (She would still have to come back to those piled up chores and holidays adding to it). IMHO taking up her chores, end to end for a day or 2 in week regularly is giving her a break. Meanwhile ensuring your mom doesn't have to hit the ceiling that your wife/gf has got you in her witch spells.

So did you ensure your wife/gf doesn't wish to be a Man for the day?

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