Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bon Voyage!!!

Well this post has nothing to do with Travelling..its just revisiting my "Young Age". It may sound ridiculous to say that I am OLD, but fact remains, at the age of 24 I certainly don't feel the same I used to when I was 16.

This post is dedicated to all my friends, enemies who made my life soooo memorable!!! More than the good times, its just the fun times I remember where I had annoyed someone or someone else had pi**** me off!! For instance I will never forget the day where I was bitching about a girl big time in the girls rest room and she had walked in and stood until I completed it, the other side of the story is that, I had apologised, in fact cried out of shame for my act!!! I will never repeat it.(Means I will never apologise for my acts..fact is fact)

There were times when I had my bestest Friend A to discuss the right Hunk to hang out with..Discussion Time we used to call them, the confessions of crush, confessions of sins..I miss them.The first crush, they way you look out for your crush during the assembly, school functions, sports day! Compare the life to all the romantic mushy movies and living a fairy tale world! I don't know how many of us will agree, but most of us what we are today are the consequences of what our Friends spoke yesterday. At least I agree to it. I have spent more time with Friends than with the family. So I am more influenced by them than the Religious, political, social values/views surrounding me!! The truth and dare games with a Coke bottle, just a way to dig out the secrets which you would have never dared to ask directly!

The gossipping during the lunch hrs discussing Who proposed Whom. We used to eagerly wait for the Valentines day to see the love birds of school and always wished that we get the Mr Right ASAP!!! However we all had our favorite couple in School, I used to adore a couple, but they broke up after school :(, but I will never forget the moment where I had an opportunity to click their snap in Annual day, I was smiling the entire day!The time spent with the most loving people of my life, where I went to them for every small decision I made including I always imagined my Mr Right will come on a white horse to pick me up..Lol..the fact remains that he came on a Black Hero Puch! The annual day function which I always saw as an escape from the boring History classes, which we called the Social Studies. I used to remember the war details using the technique of relating them to Bollywood, be it World War I and relating it to the war between Khans & Roshans! The school days will remain the favorite forever!Annual Day was the most exciting day for the year, the dressing room, the running around soul to get it right, nervousness, knot in the stomach before the speech, cheering the team. It was Hell of a day for everyone! It was more important to be on the Dias for any silly reason possible(To see the smile of parents when we are on the Dias, to see friends cheering us). What a day :)

 I am lucky I got to enjoy the college life thrice thru 12th, Degree and PG. Adolescence! Having a Boy Friend, going places, Bike Rides, First Date, First Love, First Kiss!! Most of the "First" things of life happen at this age. The best part was bunking classes..even if I just had to sit in a petty shop for a chai...anyday preferred over the lecture..all the bakwas movies I watched, including "Rab ne bana di jodi", "Jogi",  but of course there were some mind blowing movies which were made to watch with friends "Boys", "Chak De", loved the way we used to go in huge groups and the whistling, shouting :) Getting up and cracking head on what to wear at least for an Hr. Plan the day ahead in terms of Bunking class and what to do next, Movie? Or Chamundi Hills? Or GS Betta? Or Balmuri? Life at Mysore!

During my graduation in Bangalore, we were 4 of us (V2 S2), with our silliest comments and jokes, irritating the Northies with our slangs, goofing up during exams, joining Call centre for pocket money, last minute preparation for exams thru webcam. I miss them :(, more than that I miss meeting them...with our busy schedules in life these small moments are lost!

And now with the corporate life, I get up in the morning and only think of reasons I can quote to bunk office, "I am not feeling well", "My husband is not well", "My servant dint turn up", there are times when I actually quote that "I am not in mood for the office". But bunking office is not as cool as bunking classes, bcoz after bunking office I don't end loafing around the city, instead I end cleaning up my house, cooking and shouting at my pet and realise "Oh! I should have gone to office, at least I did not have to prepare coffee for myself and bitch about colleagues than cribbing about servant!".

Moving on with life, will miss all my friends who have become a victim of "Brain Drain", wishing them ALL THE BEST!!!

Last but not the least, thanks to Dr Chandana Shekar's blog on Nostalgia revisited which reminded me of the Lost Days!!



  1. Were the II PUC incidents also embedded in this post ? :P

    P.S I still feel Jogi was a good movie after all it featured the original SRK :)

  2. Well, unfortunately will be in the next post though!!!

  3. nice write-up..thought i m reading "Opal mehta revisited" :)

    was completely in sync till u mentioned u bunked classes to watch " rab ne bana di jodi" and realized i m far too old.. we binked classes to watch "kuch kuch hota hai" .... tht old...

  4. u wont believe what happened. i was readin this post n i felt its pretty similar to what i wrote in nostalgia revisited. I infact told my mom ki, "Everybody is feeling nostalgic nowadays. I wrote a post on that and now its sangeetha's turn. college life was so much fun. we are realisin its value now". and then i get to the end of your post and voila!! there's the link to my post. heheh..

    hope ur feelin good after writin this. coz i did, after i wrote mine. welcome to the bloggin club again :)