Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TV9 - Easy to preach difficult to practice

Just couldn't stop myself from sharing this incident. TV9 which broadcasts the sting operation they conduct on exposing the Politicians, Governments and Con men, well that is the image they project.

This incident took place Yesterday where I had a tough time taming the Staff of TV9 at their Langford office, right opp to Hockey Stadium. Till date I always wondered, how does TV9 manages to juice up the news to broadcasts?? The recent incident just added fuel to my outbursts against TV9 and the hype they give to the news!

TV9 conveniently park their so called "Press" cabs opposite to their office which is meant for 2 Wheeler parking strictly. They park around 4-5 cabs in a line, without their owners/drivers within the vicinity! I do understand that it is common for all of us to do so once in a while, but there is an etiquette to be followed by addressing the grievance caused to the public by your company!

Probably TV9 does not understand the basic social etiquette. I waited for half an hour near their cabs hoping for their employee/driver to address my problem. It was their cab which was blocking my way to pull out my scooty form the parking lot. Finally when few of their employees were boarding one of the cabs, I politely asked them, Can I contact someone to remove this cab? He directed me to talk to the security.

I directly walked to him and said "Bhaiyya kisi ko bolaoge ye gaadi nikaalne ke liye, aise parking karenge tho kaise chalega" for which his ego was hurt and he bluntly replied "App aise baat nahi kar sakthe. Hume nahi patha". I asked the phone number of the office, the number which always was received and disconnected immediately! And when I gave the feedback on the number, the security lost his cool(God knows for what reason) and said "Aap ko jo karna hai, kar lijiye, hum kuch nahi lar sakthe". By which time I had started clicking the snaps of the vehicle and the office. In the meanwhile one of the Cab driver ran and moved the vehicle in the front and profusely asked me to drop the matter then & there.

The conclusion is, people respond to you only if you make a nuisance in the public. Cant a citizen be polite to get his/her work done? Is it not necessary that the corporate promotes its values among every level of hierarchy?Only so called Press can have Right to freedom and violate the Right to freedom of speech of common citizens? Why is it that we always have to take the Help of "Press" word to get attention to our grievances?

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  1. Lets see TV9 respond to this ...

  2. Well dont expect them to respond..neither their telephone number nor their e-mail it hardly bother them I believe!!