Friday, November 4, 2011

Crush, Love, Break Up & Zindagi!

Its been a very long time since I blogged. I think the Social Networks kept me Busy esp Twitter and its fascinating world!
Many things have changed since my last blog. I am not sure if I have grown up in these months but many lesson learnt.

Every job I take up start with an Excitement, Anxiety and lots of Passion! The same feelings which you go through when you have a Crush! The Adrenaline rush. I went through the same.
Like every relationship blossoms, my Crush turned into an Emotional attachment. You get possessive and then you realize there little more than being called a Crush! I realised its a routine. You cannot escape, no matter how much you deny. I got possessive about the Job, Proud as a Peacock! I always wanted to tell people where I work, what I have achieved before I turn 25!! Its an amazing feeling! You want to hold the arms of your Lover and let the world watch you!

Time passes, the regular fights, the disturbance of Harmony is again very obvious. But in a relationship you know its worth it because at the end its the person you want. At job, you start getting restless, you start the introspection. To do or not to Do. Then you wonder whether you deserve somethin Better! Thats when the search starts! You get desperate to prove that you deserve better. Everyone does. I did!

When you have actually found somethin interesting to move on, you start appreciating what you recieved till date. Go back at times, when the best Golden Moments were spent. The laughter you shared. the joy you looked forward everyday. Its a phase called realisation. I get emotionally attached to a pen which I own for more than a month and this is a Job! So here I was, stuck with decision making when I dint want. I wanted soemone else to take decision on my behalf because I was falling for my job all over again! But when no promises are made, you dont see what holds in future. You better move on and experiment.

The worst part of Breaking up is the cold vibes you get from all the people associated. Sudddenly you are a stranger in their territory. You have to stop being Possessive. See someone take up your place! It hurts! Big time! This is just my second job, but relaised I dont take up jobs as something which fills my Bank Account every month, I just begin a new relationship. It has everythin what a relationship offers. You just should know to play by the rules!

During this journey you Idolize some people, you would have started believing them Blind Folded, there will always be a person whom you would miss the most as he/she was always there when required. But thats how every phase of life is. You bump into people, you like few you loathe few! The feeling can never be mutual. Wish the chapters in life were as easy as a book, were you shut the pages and move on. Few memories you carry on! I am doing the same. Hopefully I wont regret!


  1. :) I tend to attach myself a lot with the work too! Which ever company I worked for, I take immense pride in it no matter what and how the experience turned out to be :)

    Cheers! tweeting the blog now...and adding you to my twitter blog list.

  2. Thx @Thebluntblogger for suggesting this link...

    @ Sangeetha like the way you have compared crushes and work :).. Its the same with work or relationship if you are not satisfied and you see something better you tend to move on... :)... but in my opinion when it comes to relationships we would put in more effort to make it work.. hai na??

    you are a typical Ariean I must say.. speaking lot of things in few words :) :) You should write more :) :)

  3. Thanks guys...I will try to to write more!!! Being an Arian playing Moody takes away the dedication!!