Friday, November 18, 2011


Writing a blog when you are low is the worst thing to do! The thoughts doesnt stop and the Blog might appear Tedious! Nevertheless I want to let my floating thoughts out.

Life has different meaning by everyone, I only called it Friendship. Whenever I came across people who said Blood is thicker than water or Love is the best thing that can happen to the Mankind, I always wondered if they have ever experienced a relationship worth life time which does not fall into these 2 Categories. I did!

I will definitely not vent out on how things change, but I still persists Friends are for life. People being philosophical, quotes on life all the time, if the same is said by a friend over a cup of coffee, you ponder your thoughts on it through out the night. Friends are influential to an extent that you will start beliveing world not being round.

If age had to decide the maturity of people, I think I am living in a different planet. Maturity is not ignoring the people you grow up with, Maturity is not assuming that Kissing leads to pregnancy. Why complicate words? Its common sense and people have to just use superfluous words to show they have matured?