Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am a WOMAN! So?

Just read few blogs on #NUDEPHOTOREVOLUTIONARY. Not that I keep myself abreast with the current happenings and News. Nevertheless I wouldnt mind what people are talking about. You can check a blog on the same HERE

I wont talk about what Women are globally. I havent seen the world.

Men who crib that Women are emotional fools, I wont completely disagree with them. But HEY we make our choices. Times when you know things are not right, you know a person is not trustworthy, you still go ahead and make your decisions. Peope tend to call them Rebel & Stubborn in nature. Definitely not. Its just the way of ensuring if your furture holds otherwise.

When more than 2 Guys meet up and start discussing Women's ass, they are termed as cool. When 2 women do the same about a Guy, they start terming them as Bitches and point out to their upbringing. WTF! Its always the rules that Women cannot express, she has to abide by the rules of the Society, the same Society who Judges on what she wears? I am not supporting that Women should be able to walk naked on the roads, but She deserves her space. Why be a pervert in every aspect?

Thank God I have never been around people who Judge women on the Basic rules, but the society is filled with it. Every damn guy has an opinion on every woman he meets. She is LOUD, She DRINKS, She SMOKES, She talks on SEX, She has no MANNERS, She is TOO BOLD, She is TACKY. Have you ever heard Women using such words on Men? Never. We only Judge by what we hear, including lies.

Women are not Saint, they do Cheat, They lie, They Bitch about other women, but they appreciate when someone listens to them. Even when they Judge on Men its on their actions and only if they have personally interacted with such Men. Enjoying attention while Men drools over them, is perfectly normal, but hitting on them or sexual harassment - You are in trouble!

Realization of most of the Men, ya Most are pervert can be felt in Social Networks. One pic or One tweet on sexuality, Men assume you are on sale!

If a Woman has the guts to express her thoughts, RESPECT it. No one asked you for your Judgement! No wonder such men will never have Women in their life who will truthfully say what kind of Assholes they are.

Conclusion: I still love Men, would love them more if they Respect the Womanhood and her freedom of expression!


  1. gud post.
    Most of it makes sense and can guess why this one of the most discussed topics these days.

    but i feel there are some assumptions over here.

    its just not woman who need to abide by the rules.
    its the same for guys.

    what society says is equal for boys and girls.

    People tend to be more protective of girls than boys.

    But trust me its the same, boys get judged on what they dress , how they behave, what they talk.

    the only difference is boys stand up on their feet and dont give a damn about these things.

    and i can bet the girls who dont give a damn about these things are all who have stood up on their feet. who havent are the ones who crib abt society and what not.

    great work blogging.. cheers!!

    1. Thanks..I agree that even Men are judged..But the aspects differ..

  2. nice post Sangeetha.. i totally agree with this.. dunno why this bias between men and women..i think it is because of the word -- Character-- it is as though only a woman has character and if she speaks on any of the taboo topics then she is characterless...

    1. Thanks :)...I know..Not sure if it will change anytime soon..Character is above just the topic women speaks..And there always someone who decides what defines "The Character"

  3. //Realization of most of the Men, ya Most are pervert can be felt in Social Networks. One pic or One tweet on sexuality, Men assume you are on sale! //

    This has been my twitter experience as well, that's why I stay away from certain sections :)

    They feel you are an easy target, because you talk about certain subjects or don't mince your words. Men can be harsh when it comes to judging a woman, we still spare some!

    1. We spare because we want to..I am sure we are partial in whom we spare too . .