Tuesday, February 17, 2015

#52WOG ~ The City I live In

I couldn't have got this post with a better timing. It's been not even 3 months since I moved to this city which I have started to fall in love with. 

I did hate every minute when I stepped into Dublin. I am a people person, I actually have panic attacks when I don't get to see people around for a long time. However Dublin had exactly the same to offer to me. 

Even your own body needs 2weeks to show results of your diet/exercise change, this was the life I was beginning and was expecting familiarity within minutes. Fortunately after the most difficult 75 days of Dublin life I feel positive about the city. The moment you step in, U start noticing people being obsessed with Thank you and I am sorry. It's like they say those words absent mindedly.. Every 2mins by default. 

I do think it's pretentious when you don't mean them, but hey we Indians master at that art. Nevertheless the native people are really warm, U can never miss their comforting smiles when you look all confused smiling, they don't mock, instead I encountered 2 elderly women who infact asked me if I knew where I am going as I was hooked to the google maps in the bus. 

Every civilian here wants you to feel welcoming. They do not fight for those every single penny or so called cents here (With reference to the taxi drivers who let go of the change, or take the minimum amount only Becoz they took the longer route ). Everything is new and different from the stereotyped life back in India and hence they say a beginning of new life. 

I might miss those 1000things I had back in India, but Dublin is definitely giving me a reason a day to love the city. I definitely am thankful for the city to give me a new life and definitely and opportunity to be the better person. 


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