Sunday, February 22, 2015

#52WOG ~ A Friend 1

This week it's about being grateful to that 1 friend. I would thank my 3am friend Gaurav.. Alias @pal36. 

It's weird how we met over a couple of drinks and hit it off instantly. They say a good friend will not just share his/her life but has to listen to what you say/feel/do. Well in that case GJ takes the cake with icing! I can't think of anyone else who listens to me as much as he does, I whine, I cry, I laugh.. I even discuss weirdest dreams and career goals with me.. He always has a standard report before giving me d piece of life which goes 'Koyi na, talent hai tujhme' 

I am yet to figure out that talent he keeps praising me about, d confidence he keeps instilling that I deserve something better everytime something goes wrong. 

It's been 3yrs of him tolerating my every dreading calls, talks, and complaints..  I fall short of description on how I define this friendship with him.. But I know he will always be there! The best part about him, I have ever ever heard him bitch of complaint oanout anything or anyone for through out 3yrs..OMG! See that's how he is and I love him for that. 

Thank u GJ for being U and here is to the N Number of years we have together in the so called life! 



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