Sunday, February 1, 2015

#52WOG ~ A Family Member

Well this week is al about showing gratitude to a family member, I chose my daughter. 

When you have a kid, every relation in life is defined and addressed through their eyes. It's no more Mom, Dad, bro or my husband, it's more Ajji Dadi, Thatha, Maama, pappa. I don't remember when I addressed my dad as dad in front of her because for her it's her Thatha, grandpa not papa. All of a sudden the relation you shared is evolved into the next generation  relations. 

As a new parent I have evolved more in these 2months compared to the 28yrs I spent as an individual, the beautiful existence of life was driven and tested to its limits with Sia around. She insisted, persuaded, loved me thoroughly. If not for her I would have just been another spoilt and pampered wife. Thanks to her I am more patient with every course of action she throws at me, I am patient in showing her how beautiful the life is while I hold her hand and give my best to let her experience every thing the world has to offer.
She is my reflection is what people say, but I would rather be her shadow to follow her while she loves her dreams.. Be whatever it is, wherever it is, I would stand back and feel proud of what she chooses to become rather than being asked to. 

I am thankful to the very fact that universe conspired her to be my daughter, every struggle, every near to death experience through out my pregnancy was worth it!! 

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